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What is a Sales Consultant and how exactly are they my best friend?

What is a Sales Consultant and how exactly are they my best friend?

What is a Sales Consultant and how exactly are they my best friend? At First Home Buyers Direct if your Sales Consultant is not your best friend, we’re not doing our job right. The job of a Sales Consultant is to understand you, your family and your needs and who better to understand all that then your best friend right?

So what can I expect from my new best friend?

There’s a reason our Sales Consultants are the best. They will make you coffee, listen to you when you want to talk about your house for hours on end and best of all...take those conversations and turn them into reality!

We know that building your home is going to be exciting and stressful all at the same time so your Sales Consultant will be with you the entire way through. From signing your contract to handing over your keys the Sales Consultant is with you the whole way through. They will be with you helping you make the big decisions like flooring, paint and cabinetry options and then behind the scenes they will be speaking with the rest of the First Home Buyers Direct team to ensure that the right information has been passed on and that the build of your house is going to plan.

In their spare time we often catch our Sales Consultants on Pinterest looking at houses and pinning pictures of interior design inspiration to their boards. They always say that they’re doing market research so they can help create fresh new styling for our clients so of course, we will take their word for it.

So the next time you hear the term Sales Consultant, think of us, your friends at First Home Buyers Direct.

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