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I Like Your New Stuff Better Than Your Old Stuff: 6 Advantages Of Modern Home Design

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  4. I Like Your New Stuff Better Than Your Old Stuff: 6 Advantages Of Modern Home Design

I Like Your New Stuff Better Than Your Old Stuff: 6 Advantages Of Modern Home Design

I Like Your New Stuff Better Than Your Old Stuff: 6 Advantages Of Modern Home Design

When you’re considering buying a house and want something affordable you generally have two options: build your own new home with a home builder that offers excellent value or buy an older established property. While both options may be similar in terms of cost, the difference between modern home design and that of an older house can be quite drastic.

The house you live in can have a big impact on your lifestyle, so if you’re currently weighing up your options make sure you check out this list of the top 6 advantages of modern home design.

  1. Use Of Space
    Modern home design is characterised by a much more efficient and effective use of space. Open plan living maximises airflow, minimises transitional spaces and allows for a much more connected and functional living space. Contemporary design also isn’t just limited to indoor space and often incorporates alfresco living areas and multi-functional indoor/outdoor spaces to ensure that you’re getting the maximum possible use and enjoyment out of your house and land packages.
  2. Natural Light
    Contemporary home designs give a lot of attention to natural light levels. By intelligently utilising the orientation of the house, a variety of window dressings and modern glazing materials for windows, a modern home can be designed to maximise natural light levels with compromising on brightness, privacy or temperature control. In addition to providing a much more pleasant alternative to artificial light, making the most of natural sunlight can be a great way of reducing your power bills and making your home much more energy efficient.
  3. Great Aesthetics & Functionality
    With access to advanced design tools now a lot cheaper, modern home designs are able to strike a great balance between design, structural efficiency and overall aesthetic value. Often featuring bold exterior massing element, sharp, clean lines and a mixture of natural wood, glass, stone and metal elements, the goal of a contemporary home design is to incorporate aesthetically pleasing elements into the overall design while minimizing unnecessary structural add-ons. Not only will building a great looking, highly functional house be more pleasant for you to live in, it’ll also greatly help the resale value should you wish to sell further down the line.
  4. Adaptability
    What people are looking for in a house has changed over time. People’s lifestyles vary greatly, so it makes sense that you want a house that’s going to reflect your individual needs. Whether it’s room to have a family, space for entertaining or a dual occupancy home suited to earning extra income from house-sharing apps like AirBnB, a modern home design can deliver exactly what you need to live the lifestyle you want, rather than having to adapt your lifestyle to a pre-existing residence.
  5. Energy Efficiency and Eco Friendliness
    Modern homes are designed using elements like building materials, insulation, solar power and thermal design to be far more energy efficient than older ones, so this means that your energy bills will be lower and your carbon footprint much smaller. Sustainable and recycled building materials can also be used to limit the environmental impact of a new structure to make it more eco friendly.
  6. First Home Buyers Grant
    The $10,000 First Home Buyer Grant in Australia is only available to those that qualify AND are building their home. That’s right buying established and renovating to create the modern home of your dreams just got a little pricier. Thankfully the range of home designs these days is vast, there is something for every budget and lifestyle.

If you’re considering making the move to a new home and want to make the most of the many advantages represented by an affordable, high quality new home design then check out our range online and get in touch with us today!

Source: https://houseplans.co/articles/modern-house-plans-5-benefits/

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