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Home Trends, what’s coming in 2018?

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Home Trends, what’s coming in 2018?

Home Trends, what’s coming in 2018?

Building your first home is obviously very exciting but if we’re honest, the most exciting part is always going to be styling your home!

With so many tools at your fingertips to help you research different home design styles, it’s sometimes hard to stay true to your unique design tastes because of all the new, cool ideas that are distracting you.

Since we’re fast approaching 2018 (and by looking at our calendar we know that lot of you are going to be moving into brand new homes soon), we thought it would be the right time to give you some tips on the expected home trends for 2018.


Monochrome colour schemes are out and warm, earthy colours are in! We’re talking tones of tan, terracotta, rust and copper that can be perfectly matched with colours like emerald green, black forest and watermelon red.


Stone is still the most popular benchtop surface for Kitchens but the bench thickness is what’s up for debate. Thick benchtops are becoming less popular with people wanting their benchtops to be as thin as possible to make them look less bulky. If you Google “shark nose kitchen bench” you will see what we mean.

When it comes to colour, darker benchtops are becoming more popular. Keep in mind the earthy tones we mentioned above and you’re on track to have the trendiest kitchen in town.

The Walls

Wallpaper is back, baby!

The two key styles are organic textures or geometric patterns. Organic wall coverings are easier to live with as they will compliment your colour palette (mentioned above) nicely and keep your home in a neutral tone. Using geometric patterns will add some extra wow factor into your chosen rooms but use it sparingly as this can quickly become too much of a good thing that will date quickly.


Low, puffy and curved. These are great ways to describe your couch and armchairs and they are exactly what you need to be looking for if you’re wanting an on-trend home! Furniture that is low, puffy and curved will give you a luxurious look with an interesting edge.

Need help styling your home? Get in touch with our team at First Home Buyers Direct today and we can help customise your home design to be the ultimate representation of a stylish 2018.

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