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What are your New Home Resolutions For 2018?

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What are your New Home Resolutions For 2018?

What are your New Home Resolutions For 2018?

We’re at the start of another year already, can you believe it? It feels like only 365 days ago we were saying the same thing! We know that buying a house can be tough so if your New Year's Resolution for 2018 is to get in the property game, let us help you with these handy finance tips.

Step 1 - Outgoing Expenses VS Income

First things first, you need to know what you can afford to buy. Sit down and figure out what your incomings and outgoings are each month (this is also a great time to trim down on any unused subscriptions). Once you have your totals, deduct the outgoing expenses from your income and that figure is your starting point.

Step 2 - What would you like?

Now for the fun part, figuring out what you would like in your home. Remember, that this is your first home so while it will be great and full of high quality fixtures and fittings - you will have to save some ideas for your second, third and forever homes.

The best advice we can give you at this stage of your research is to think about how long you will want to be in this home for and try to identify your future needs to ensure that your house will still be suitable for your future-self.

Step 3 - What are your Financial Options?

Now we have your starting point and know what you want in your home, you can move onto step three - discovering your financial options. This is where your savings (if any) will come in handy.

If you have savings, great (and if you don’t that’s okay too) because you have some room to move things around. By using our loan calculator we will be able to tell you what the repayments will be on one of our very affordable housing options,and from here you will be able to further budget for your mortgage repayment as well as new appliances, furniture and whitegoods (this is where your savings will come in handy). This stage is often the most stressful and confusing so don’t worry, we’re here to help you!

Step 4 - Call FHBD

It’s hard to do all this research and budgeting alone and since we’re in the business of First Home Buyers we understand better than anyone what your challenges and concerns are. So get in touch with us to see how we can turn your dream of homeownership into a turn-key ready dream in 22 weeks!

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