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10 Things to do before moving into your new house

10 Things to do before moving into your new house

10 Things to do before moving into your new house


We’ve been speaking to our clients to get the best information possible to give you guys about the top 10 things to do before moving into your home.

Check them out and let us know if this helped you!

1 - Connect your Internet

Usually you need about two to four weeks notice with service providers so they can book an appointment. Living in your new house with no internet (or Netflix) can be extremely frustrating so save yourself the nights of free to air TV and book this in early.


2 - Connect your Energy.

Okay, we know this is more important than internet but still...no Netflix is a real issue for us. This process is pretty simple, you would already have power to your premises you just need to call the provider and put it in your name.


3 - Have a plan for Children and Pets.

If you’ve got kids or pets, you don’t want them running around while the front door is open and people everywhere. Call a friend or relative to ask them to take care of them for the day, it might cost you a dinner but it will be worth it for the piece of mind.


4 - Update your Contact Information.

This goes for friends and family. Keep it simple with just a couple text messages and emails will do, unless you’ve got to update your Grandma and Grandad then you will be best to call them.


5 - Update your Address

This is specific to subscription and notification based companies. Do this as early as possible to you don’t have to rely on things being redirected. A couple of companies to think of are:

  • Car Insurance

  • Licence and Registration

  • The Bank

  • Magazine subscriptions


6 - Have an un-packing box at the ready.

We know, this sounds weird but once you realise what an un-packing box is you will be thanking us. In your un-packing box pack tools, allen keys, spare screws, scissors or anything else you will need to be able to assemble furniture.


7 - Organise House and Contents Insurance

This is pretty straight forward, new house + insurance = happy and safe owners.


8 - Clean before you move!

Before you move everything into your new home, go in a day before and spruce up the place. Use your cleaning products so you know it’s been cleaned how you like it and it makes you new home feel more like yours by introducing familiar smells.


9 - Have spare keys cut

As soon as you get your keys, get spares! Moving days are fast paced and stressful and you will more than likely lose the keys at some point. Having a spare set in your back pocket just in case will save you a ton of stress and anxiety.


10 - Pack a first night box.

Just like the un-packing box a first night box is equally important. In it, pack everything you need to spend the first night in your new home so you don’t have to go rummaging through boxes to find your toothbrush and undies.


Good luck!

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