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Tips on building a new home

Tips on building a new home

Tips on building a new home The process of building a new home can be a challenging and rewarding time. Building your own home allows you to start from scratch and add your own details to the house - unique to you and your family.

If you are in the process of building a new home or plan to build later down the track, these ideas will help guide you.

Use image sharing media such as Pinterest

Collect and pin as many ideas as possible and place them in a board to refer back to at any point of the building process. This will act as a solid reference point and you can also share your ideas with friends or family to get a second opinion.

Go through every detail of the contract

Be sure to discuss fees and charges that you may be unsure of before signing and agree on a time frame for each milestone of the project. Keep in touch with contractors to ensure they are on track, as the home comes together and nears completion.

Make a non-negotiable list

Understand what are the main essentials for your new home design and work around your budget keeping the essentials in mind when customising your home.

Direction of your new home

Be sure to scope out the various viewpoints surrounding your home’s location - how does the sun come in during the day? If you're having lunch under the verandah and the sun is blinding at 12 noon then it makes it hard to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Get hands on with spreadsheets and costings

Excel or Google Sheets will allow you to figure out costs, share them with contractors and develop your budget. Documenting every cost will ensure you stick to your budget and that contractors will be on the same page as you.

Have a little more cash saved

With every project, there will usually be a point where you will under-budget and will need to cover the cost of minor adjustments such as extra tiles, powerpoints, or incorrect measurements. Having the extra cash saved will ensure you can correct these hassles and adjust when need be.

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