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Tardis Time: 7 Home Styling Hacks To Make Your Home Interior Seem Bigger

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  4. Tardis Time: 7 Home Styling Hacks To Make Your Home Interior Seem Bigger

Tardis Time: 7 Home Styling Hacks To Make Your Home Interior Seem Bigger

Tardis Time: 7 Home Styling Hacks To Make Your Home Interior Seem Bigger

Most of us would choose to live in a palatial mansion if we could, right? Something with sprawling bedrooms, large open living areas and all the space we could ever need. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford such an expansive abode. The good news is that with the use a few savvy techniques you can can make a smaller space feel much bigger than it really is. That way you can get all the benefits of a more grandiose dwelling without the plus-sized price tag.

Continue Hallway Flooring

A great technique for opening up rooms and creating a sense of wider space is to extend your hallway flooring into the other rooms of your house. This creates a consistent look and lengthens the lines of your home rather than segmenting individual rooms with different floor covering.

Rethink Your Furniture Game

Transparent and/or open furniture can create an illusion of lightness that opens up a small space, whereas large & bulky furniture can make a room appear cramped and small. Think glass furniture, sofas on raised legs and skinny framed shelving.

Get Reflective

Hanging a mirror opposite a window is a simple and effective way to reflect light around a room and create a sense of spaciousness. Have fun and play around with different sizes & shapes - there’s no rules that say you have to stick to just one type!

Let There Be Light

If a room only has one light source the resulting shadows can make the space feel closed-in. Multiple light sources for areas including the floor, ceiling and other surfaces can be complemented by reflective and metallic surfaces. This all helps replace natural daylight and open up the space.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Dark

Conventional wisdom says that you have to paint a room in light colours to create a sense of space, but darker shades like charcoals and navies can also have a similar effect while simultaneously adding a touch of contemporary chic.

Go All In

Painting everything in the room the same colour - walls, skirting boards and door frames included - will elongate the lines and help to really open up the room.

Make Use Of Dead Space

If you’re limited by space then it really pays to think creatively. Add floating shelves to a wall or put up knobs, hooks and lights. Maximising storage in these areas will help minimise clutter and go a long way to making your home feel much bigger.

Looking to build a home that has a big house feeling but a small house price tag? Check out our range of fantastic home designs out online or give us a call today on 9244 7444 to find out more. Incorporate these handy styling tips in your new home and you’ll be amazed at how spacious and open you can make it feel!

Source: https://www.bhg.com.au/how-to-make-a-small-room-look-big

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